Autopilot for Pricing

AristanderAI learns about your customers and adjusts prices to
match their willingness-to-pay, earning you a higher net profit.

Automate your pricing strategy with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms

AristanderAI learns about your customers and adjusts prices to match their willingness-to-pay, earning you higher net profit without the price of time-consuming consultation or conjoint analysis.

  • Learn what your customers are willing to pay for your products
  • Want to know if it’s better to price your product at $150, $250, $350, etc.? AristanderAI can help – we allow customers to choose their own price intervals per-product
  • AristanderAI gives you peace of mind by reacting to willingness-to-pay affecting events for you


* Willigness-to-pay, price your customers are ready to pay for the product.

** External factors that influences customers willingness-to-pay.


Autopilot mode

Automatically update the prices of your products – the autopilot ensures that you advertise the most profitable prices around the clock.

Pricing Insights

Get more valuable insights into the shopping behavior of visitors to your online store to better understand their willingness to buy during their visit.

Longtail Prediction

Identify the right price even for rarely purchased long tail items. Faster and with minimal testing.

AristanderAI works like a professional human pricing-manager. Only better

Using integrated A/B testing, AristanderAI will test itself against your default pricing decisions. Additionally, we provide a full dashboard for helping you make better pricing decisions.

  • Make sure you’re getting a return-on-investment with our helpful ROI analytics
  • Automated staggered A/B testing takes the thinking out of the process – just request new prices and we handle testing for you
  • See the difference AristanderAI can make with our 30-day free trial

A/B Testing

See the automatically generated results of your dynamic pricing strategy: AristanderAI's integrated A/B testing tool tests and tracks your performance.

Price Manager

Adapt your pricing model using the price manager dashboard, e.g. to set upper and lower limits for AristanderAI.

Data Tracker

Track your online store's performance over time – your profits, ROI, and the results of automatic A/B tests are displayed in real time on your dashboard.

The original pricing machine

Test AristanderAI for Magento for 30 days free of charge and
see how the pricing machine works 24/7 to generate you more revenue.

Understand your shop and your pricing strategy better

AristanderAI provides a dashboard with a wide variety of analytics to help you understand your pricing strategy.

  • Use our item recommendations to find out which items are your most profitable so you can focus your marketing strategy
  • Find the numbers that matter right on your dashboard – net profit, total sessions, abandoned carts, etc.
  • Make better pricing decisions on your own – we provide you the numbers for making your own pricing decisions if you choose to disable autopilot

Deep Learning

Use the latest machine learning technologies to drastically increase the profitability of your online store through better pricing.

Price Identity

Preserve the typical look of your shop prices (e.g. round numbers) with our practical price identity tool.

Cross-product Demand

See how AristanderAI is always learning and start using data on associated products and correlations between products to your advantage.

Pricing is hard

Our closed-loop algorithm reveals and uses the full profit potential of your shop.

Extensive data collection
AristanderAI tracks all user behavior and complete customer journeys in your online store
Intelligent data enrichment
AristanderAI enhances the dataset with data related to special factors, such as the time of year or current weather
Real-time price optimization
AristanderAI then uses our deep learning network to determine the maximum price buyers are willing to pay
Dynamic price adjustment
AristanderAI automatically updates your store’s prices after your selected interval
Increasing profits
AristanderAI applies A/B testing to validate the new pricing and ensures that you generate more revenue

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