AristanderAI makes
pricing smarter

Autopilot for pricing

Let Aristander take the wheel

AristanderAI learns about your customers and adjusts prices to match their willingness-to-pay, earning you higher net profit without the price of time-consuming consultation or conjoint analysis.

  • Learn what your customers are willing to pay for your products
  • Want to know if it’s better to price your product at $150, $250, $350, etc.? AristanderAI can help – we allow customers to choose their own price intervals per-product
  • AristanderAI gives you peace of mind by reacting to willingness-to-pay affecting events for you

Pricing Analytics

With our pricing analytics, you can understand your shop better

AristanderAI provides a dashboard with a wide variety of analytics to help you understand your pricing strategy.

  • Use our item recommendations to find out which items are your most profitable so you can focus your marketing strategy
  • Find the numbers that matter right on your dashboard – net profit, total sessions, abandoned carts, etc.
  • Make better pricing decisions on your own – we provide you the numbers for making your own pricing decisions if you choose to disable autopilot

Validate Success

AristanderAI can increase your profits – we can prove it

Using integrated A/B testing, AristanderAI will test itself against your default pricing decisions. Additionally, we provide a full dashboard for helping you make better pricing decisions.

  • Make sure you’re getting a return-on-investment with our helpful ROI analytics
  • Automated staggered A/B testing takes the thinking out of the process – just request new prices and we handle testing for you
  • See the difference AristanderAI can make with our 30-day free trial

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