Deep Learning for Pricing

Pricing is hard. Let AristanderAI do it for you.

You are always in full control

Our dashboard gives you access to analyze and control your prices.
Or just relax and let Aristander do the work. We'll provide you
with useful price insights that Aristander reveals about your products.


Automated price updates

Price Manager

Upload and manage prices

Data Tracker

Track your profits and ROI

Longtail Prediction

State-of-the-art longtail prediction

User Behavior

Unique insights into shopper behavior

Price A/B Testing

Integrated A/B testing

Explore Features

Guess less, earn more

AristanderAI is different because it is data-driven.
It makes the integration of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms
into your favourite e-commerce platforms fast and easy.


AristanderAI tracks your users throughout their customer journey - their page views, purchases, and logins. We don‘t use any personal data, so it is 100% GDPR compliant.

  • Analyzes your real customer behaviour
  • Doesn’t use any personal data
  • 100% GDPR compliant

Learn and Process

Aristander uses the latest in deep learning technology to calculate optimized prices that deliver extra profits. When Autopilot is enabled Aristander updates the prices in your shop system automatically.

  • Automated price uploads with Autopilot mode
  • Price optimization via deep learning
  • Higher profits guaranteed

Success Validation

AristanderAI constantly proves that you earn more. The system validates your uplift with built-in automated A/B testing and time series-based testing capabilities out of the box.

  • Constant proof of profit
  • Automated, built-in A/B and time series testing
  • Uplift validation

Benefit from better product pricing

Whether you are a small, medium or enterprise e-commerce business with several products or hundreds of thousands of products in your catalog.

AristanderAI optimizes every business:

  • From small shops to large enterprises
  • From everyday to luxury goods
  • For every catalog size
  • For retail as well as B2B sellers
  • For every sector & industry
  • Independent of your e-commerce platform

Why do better price decisions make all the difference?

One of the biggest challenges retailers have is how to find optimal prices for every product in their catalog, especially those that are purchased infrequently.

If you set the price of a product too low, you may lose profits you might have earned. On the other hand, if prices exceed your customers‘ willingness-to-pay then you may lose out on purchases altogether.

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