Deep Learning for Airline Revenue Management Innovators

From legacy revenue management to total revenue optimization, AristanderAI helps airlines to maximize ancillary and airfare revenues with our next-gen predictive pricing solution.


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Developed by renowned machine learning experts in Berlin.
Proven revenue uplift up to 14%.

Traditional pricing software is unable to deal with today’s uncertain world.

By solely relying on past performance to guide future decisions, analysts are forced to make critical commercial decisions without context.

AristanderAI maximizes airfare and ancillary revenue with dynamic pricing powered by deep learning.

When a customer visits your site, we collect and enrich data to predict their willingness to pay and dynamically adjust prices. Your revenue management will be optimized across all flights in real-time to support your team to make better commercial decisions.

It works just like a professional human revenue manager – only better.

Your revenue management team will be equipped with cutting-edge machine learning to enhance your airline’s predictive pricing capabilities.

Everything is possible, from human-in-the-loop implementation to behavioral cloning or auto-pilot pricing. Or from off-peak season flights to optimizing all of your network’s flights.

Start picking best-performing prices at scale now:

Two modules, one powerful pricing platform

Ancillary Pricing

Ancillaries contribute up to 50% of Carrier Revenue. The AristanderAI platform maximizes Ancillary sales revenue.

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Airfare Pricing

Maximizing your airfare revenue, we always offer revenue-optimal ticket prices to reduce virtual losses.

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Trusted by industry leaders

“We combine cutting-edge Deep Learning, Gaussian Processing and traditional Machine Learning, allowing us to extract maximum value from data and navigate uncertainty with confidence.”

Will Angell, Co-founder of AristanderAI


Why AristanderAI?

100% ML First

Built from scratch without a single line of legacy code

Scientific Advantages

Based on the latest research in Deep Learning

Novel Data Sets

Leveraging unstructured data, user behavior, and context

Fast Implementation

Trained and fully operational at scale within 12 weeks

Rapid Time to Value

Revenue uplift after 8-10 weeks of deployment


“AristanderAI was our smoothest integration in history”

Built with Airline RM

Dashboard merging intuitively into daily RM workflows

NDC Compatible

Running on future-proof New Distribution Standard

GDPR Compliant

Complying with European data protection standards