October 2019

AristanderAI for Shopware

Deep Learning for Pricing

Introducing AristanderAI: machine learning for better product pricing.
Automate your pricing strategy to guess less and earn more.

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Take a spin on the future of pricing

Maximizing your net profit by predicting your customers' willingness-to-pay.

AristanderAI is your data scientist & pricing expert who never sleeps.

With our novel deep learning approach we are able to understand and model the constant movement in buyer behavior and adjust prices accordingly to drive your bottom line.

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Benefit from better pricing

Whether you are a small, medium or enterprise e-commerce business with several products or hundreds of thousands of products in your catalog.


Automate your pricing.

Price Manager. 

Monitor your prices.

Data Tracker. 

Track your profits and ROI.


Optimize longtail prediction.

User Behavior. 

Understand customers.

A/B Testing. 

Multi-mode, A/B testing.

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Easy integration with your business

One-click, no hassle.

October 2019
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